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Tiger-Rock TaeKwonDo

Tiger Cubs (Ages 4-6)

The Tiger Cubs program is specifically designed for the younger students to promote physical, social, and mental development. Providing the proper environment and structure for this special age group aids this development and forms a transition into the Junior TaeKwonDo Program.

Juniors (Ages 6-12)

The Junior Program is specifically designed for elementry age children to promote physical fitness, discipline, focus, balance and coordination, self confidence, self defense, and courtesy. The class environment is structured with high energy, discipline, and individual care to harness each child’s talent to the highest level.

Adults (Ages 13 & Up)

You are never too old for TaeKwonDo Training! The Adult TaeKwonDo Program is specifically designed for ALL ages of adults. The class features a high level of fitness, self-defense skills, real TaeKwonDo, social interactions, stress management, and a true sense of accomplishment.
Tiger Cubs

Kisado Interval Fitness

Kisado Fitness is a serious High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) program designed to get you in shape, help you loose weight, and increase your mental strength. Kisado exercises utilize body weight, resistance bands, punching bags, hand weights, and kettle bells. Intense physical conditioning, active stress reduction, and cutting edge nutritional knowledge give Kisado its powerful character.
Kisado Interval Fitness

Group Seminars

Youth Fitness & Self Defense:

This class is geared towards boys and girls ages 5-14 and is taught with positive, hands-on, proven fitness and self defense methods. Great for “Home School Groups” and for any other organized youth group.

Adult Fitness & Self Defense:

1.5 hour Self Defense Class, focused on personal awareness and specific physical strategies for personal safety. This class is also designed to get your blood pumping and will have several different KISADO H.I.I.T. segments throughout the class.

Group Seminars

Partners In Learning

This is a National Academic support program sponsored by Tiger Rock Martial Arts International. Academic effort and the portrayal of the Tiger Rock Tenets is measured by the students academic teacher based on how hard the student tries and is not results based only.

Partners In Learning

Community Service

We encourage our students to use their Martial Arts knowledge to improve our communities through one act of leadership, public service, and mentoring at a time. Please read more to find out about our Community Service Programs.
Community Service

Birthday Parties

1 ½ hours of TaeKwonDo fun, games, and a lot of special memories. Schedule your next Birthday at your local Tiger Rock Academy!
Birthday Parties


Whether it is letting your child be the star of his or her class or demonstrating the art of TaeKwonDo for your special occasion; we have you covered!
TaeKwonDo Demonstrations

Corporate Wellness Partnerships

As companies nationwide fight to reduce healthcare costs, many are turning to strategic wellness partnerships to help create a healthier workforce. As a wellness partner, we can offer various forms of support and services specifically geared toward your company's individual needs. As part of the International Fitness Club Network, our Academies comply with the ACSM and IHRSA club safety standards for operation.

Corporate Wellness