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Partners In Learning

A National Academic Support Program sponsored by Tiger Rock Martial Arts International (TRMAI).

We encourage our students to live by our Tenets- Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community, Strength, Humility, & Knowledge, and to set goals to do their best in all areas of their lives. TRMAI TaeKwonDo students earn the right to wear one, two or three stars on their belts by exercising academic effort and living up to the Tiger Rock Tenets while in the classroom. Their academic teachers support our efforts to encourage students by completing a Partners In Learning form every few months for the student. Students are evaluated after each of our eight week training cycles and are awarded their “Partners In Learning” stars during our Award Ceremonies. Academic effort is measured by how hard the student tries and is not results based only.


A presentation is available to the student’s academic classroom on a complimentary basis. The presentation will be lead by one of our International Instructors and will use the student as a presentation assistant. Lasting between 5 and 30 minutes according to their teachers scheduling needs, presentations consist of 3 parts and are supported by take-home literature. The 3 parts of the presentation include:
  1. Safety Awareness
  2. Attitude, Values, & Life Skills
  3. Artistic TaeKwonDo Presentation.

To schedule a TaeKwonDo Presentation for your classroom, please contact Mary Tuck at (719) 302-4797.