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Kisado Interval Fitness Strength & Conditioning

Kisado Fitness is a serious High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) program designed to get you in shape, help you lose weight, and increase your mental strength. Kisado Interval Fitness incorporates cutting edge science with unique martial arts flair that specifically targets your strength, speed, agility, and flexibility.

Kisado is designed to provide intense physical activity in a short period of time. The actual work portion is about 20 minutes in length and is comprised of individual sets of exercise that are performed quickly and energetically. Each exercise is broken into two phases: Phase one is the “work phase” which can last either 8 seconds or 20 seconds. Phase two is the “rest” phase. These intervals are based on the latest research that demonstrates that long, low intensity aerobic type workouts are not as effective as short intense bursts of activity followed by a short rest phase. Measurable increases in fat loss as well as increased cardiovascular health are documented in this same research for this type of intense interval exercise.

Kisado exercises utilize body weight, resistance bands, punching bags, hand weights, and kettle bells. The final portions of Kisado Interval Fitness that additionally set it apart from just any physical workout are the I-X Awareness and I-X Nutrition aspects of the training. The I-X Awareness and I-X Nutrition are meant to be a vital part of reaching an optimal state of wellness. Participants will engage in relaxation and breathing techniques at the end of the class for I-X Awareness. Participants will learn and discuss how nutritional issues are critical over time for our I-X Nutrition.

Intense physical conditioning, active stress reduction, and cutting edge nutritional knowledge give Kisado its powerful character.