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Juniors TaeKwonDo

Ages 6-12 years

Our junior program offers many benefits for children that are six to twelve years of age. Your child will start in a beginner level class that is offered six days a week for 50 minutes. Ideal attendance is 2-3 times weekly. We assume that all our new students have no previous knowledge of TaeKwonDo and are taught in a fun and safe environment. Although our lessons are structured in a classroom setting, students move up based on their ability and improvements; we do not compare one student to another. No one sits on the bench at Colorado Springs TaeKwonDo Academy! Our TaeKwonDo program offers many benefits for your child including:
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Balance and coordination
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-defense
  • A high level of fitness
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Mental readiness

Schedule an appointment today and see how valuable Colorado Springs TaeKwonDo Academy's program can be for your child. Don't forget to ask about our Partners-In-Learning program for improved grades and academic performance.