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Corporate Wellness Programs

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of the Pikes Peak Region we are actively seeking companies that have or would like to offer “Wellness” options to their employees. We are equipped to work with companies small, large, and in between. If you think you or your company could benefit from a wellness program featuring our products, we would like to help make that happen.

Our main goal is to help create healthier more active workforces through strategic partnerships with companies who share our vision.

Employee Health Benefits:

Fitness & HealthTaeKwonDo and other traditional arts have been scientifically proven to burn more calories than traditional steady state workouts. Our KISADO Fitness Interval Training program was developed using modern science data to maximize caloric expenditure and create a unique fitness experience.

Stress Management – Higher stress levels contribute to illness, depression, and other health issues that affect the workplace. Our patented programs provide techniques to help members understand how to deal with daily stressors. Our Breathing techniques, postures, and exercises can help create a more balanced life with less stress.

Self Discipline – TRMAI traditional programs teach participants how to manage and prioritize their life. It is only through balance of work, family, and recreation that one can create a truly sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The instruction of traditional values allow the development of proper attitudes and work ethic.

Employee Financial Benefits:

After your company joins Tiger Rock as a “Wellness Partner”, employees of your company and their immediate family members will receive the following financial benefits by becoming members our Martial Arts and Fitness Clubs:
  • 20% off of all monthly dues for both our TaeKwonDo and KISADO programs.
  • ONE Week Free Introductory Membership for both our TaeKwonDo and KISADO programs.
  • The opportunity to receive reimbursement from employers for part of monthly dues.
    • The amount of reimbursement is dependant on your companies “wellness reimbursement policy” and is not guaranteed by Tiger Rock Academies of the Pikes Peak Region. Every company’s Wellness Program is a little different and covers different amounts of reimbursement anywhere from 0%-100% reimbursement.
    • Reimbursement policies usually run hand in hand with your companies insurance policy. Usually these insurance policies will only provide reimbursed premiums with proof of compliance by attending 8 sessions or more of 1 hour training slots every month. Check with your company for their specific reimbursement requirements.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts International (TRMAI) is a certified member of the IFCN (International Fitness Club Network). As a franchised member of TRMAI our local martial arts and fitness clubs comply with the ACSM and the IHRSA club safety standards for operation. As part of the IFC Network, Tiger Rock Martial Arts already has initial partnerships with the following national corporations:

  • Alfa Laval
  • Alliant Energy
  • Associated Bank
  • Cardinal Health
  • Charles Schwab
  • CVS Caremark
  • Dannon
  • E.D.S.
  • Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company

  • North American Airlines
  • World Airways
  • HSBC
  • John Deere
  • MasterCard Worldwide
  • Michelin
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • New Benefits (Fitness Advantage)

  • Principal Financial Group
  • Rockwell Collins
  • Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
  • SolidWorks
  • Sonoco
  • Swiss Re
  • Tire Centers
  • TMK Ispsco
  • UFP Technologies

Company Partnership Requirements:

  • There is no cost to become a Wellness Partner.
  • There is not a minimum number of employees per company required to participate.
  • There are various plans to help meet the needs of your company.
  • Company must fill out and submit a “Corporate Wellness Request Form”. We will make a decision and send more information, within 5 business days, after receiving your request form.
  • Company must be accepted by Tiger Rock of the Pikes Peak Region as a local wellness partner.
  • Company must allow “Tiger Rock of the Pikes Peak Region” to make “Wellness Presentations” to their employees on occasion and participate in health fairs when offered.
  • Company must allow “Tiger Rock of the Pikes Peak Region” to distribute Informational Health Handouts to employees.
  • Company must assist “Tiger Rock of the Pikes Peak Region” to distribute mass email communications promoting fitness and our programs to their local employees.
  • Company must assist “Tiger Rock of the Pikes Peak Region” by encouraging their employees to check out our programs.

Are you an employee or a company decision maker who thinks your company could benefit from a Wellness Partnership with Tiger Rock of the Pikes Peak Region? Please contact Aaron Tuck at 719-302-4797 or email at mrtuck@springstkd.com to receive a request form and get the ball rolling!!!!

For more information on the positive benefits of wellness programs for both employees and employers, please see the following Article titled: The Economic Benefits of REGULAR EXERCISE.