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Community Service

Community programs and volunteerism are in the spirit of creating a well-rounded martial artist designed to serve their students, local community, country, and family. Tiger Rock Martial Arts International believes the concept of “balancing the pen and the sword” is of the greatest importance. Our Community Service Program and Academy Tuition Scholarship Program are in this spirit.

Community Service Program

Community service is a yearly requirement for Master Promotions, franchisees, and our annual renewals for our Instructor Program. Service is part of the culture of many great companies and is often written into contracts of professional athletes and corporate management. Volunteer service helps us match what we say with what we do and makes a strong statement to our communities. "Teaching Life Skills and Personal Development" is a phrase many of us use daily. Martial Arts has in its history personal development, life skills, public service, doing the ethical thing, and building leaders one student at a time. Volunteer service is a perfect fit for developing well-rounded martial artist minds and future leaders. Our motto is to expect to give more than we receive. This works in all relationships. Some options for Public Service are Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Race for the Cure, Church outreach programs (not internal programs), Heart Association, United Way, elderly assistance, Habitat for Humanity, St Jude's, Girls Club, Boys Club, Make a Wish, and many other community-based programs. Sometimes it can just be helping out a neighbor that is not able to care for themselves. During 2011, Tiger Rock Academies of the Pikes Peak Region is hoping to donate 250 man hours of service to Habitat for Humanity; building affordable housing for people in financial need. For members interested in assisting us with this great service please contact us and let us know you are interested in making a difference. To that end, we encourage our students to use their Martial Arts knowledge to improve our communities through one act of leadership, public service, and mentoring at a time.

Community Business Leaders

If you are interested in our community service program to assist your non-for-profit organization, please contact us at 719-302-4797. We are happy to help in every way we can.

Academy Tuition Scholarship Program

Tiger Rock Martial Arts International has a best practice that 5% of academy student membership is scholarship student based. Scholarships begin with a complimentary tuition scholarship to a full services membership depending on the level of hardship. Normally scholarship students are accepted on a referral basis from an academic counselor, community activist or coach who can vouch for their need. The goal of the Academy Tuition Scholarship Program is to provide Academy Tuition TaeKwonDo mentoring to those who are not able to afford membership. We believe mentoring one child at a time will make a difference one day at a time.