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Adult TaeKwonDo

Ages 13 and above

The adult program ranges from thirteen years of age on up. For those of you in the "on up" age category: You are never too old to receive benefits from our TaeKwonDo program. Adult lessons are offered 6 days a week. The certified instructors recommend students train 2-3 times weekly to accomplish optimal results. Instructors will assume that all new students have no previous knowledge of TaeKwonDo training, so new members should feel comfortable as a new student. Although lessons are taught in a class format, individual growth is expected, and students move up at their own pace. Several of the benefits adults can receive out of Colorado Springs TaeKwonDo Academy's program include:
  • A high level of fitness
  • Improved flexibility and circulation
  • Real self-defense skills
  • A better sense of awareness
  • A structured form of discipline
  • Increased self-esteem
  • A lot of new friends

Contact the training center today for a free trial lesson to see how our TaeKwonDo program can benefit you. Don't forget to ask about our family discounts.