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About Tiger Rock MAI Academy Staff

About Us

In October of 2005, Springs TaeKwonDo Academy held its first class. The Springs academy is owned and operated by Aaron and Mary Tuck, TRMAI International Instructors. In April of 2009, Mr. Tuck opened his 2nd Academy…. Fountain TaeKwonDo Academy is located in Fountain, CO approx 25 miles to the south of the original Academy. Springs & Fountain TaeKwonDo Academies are both franchised member academies of Tiger Rock Martial Arts International (TRMAI for short).

TaeKwonDo (foot-hand-art) is a beautiful expression of artistic movement. Through this honest and pure art form, students discover many qualities about themselves, identify their strengths and shortcomings, and mature as responsible people. TaeKwonDo is the most effective method of unarmed self-defense, an intricate art, an exciting life sport, and a holistic method of reaching and maintaining physical and mental fitness.

TaeKwonDo is first a performing art through which we strive to express rhythm, balance, coordination, power, grace, speed, freedom, accuracy, perfection, and beauty, either individually, as in formal exercise, or with a partner, as in free sparring.

TaeKwonDo is a method of developing and maintaining physical fitness and wellness. Through consistent practicing of TaeKwonDo techniques, we develop strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and agility. TaeKwonDo is a complete body exercise program, and will tone and strengthen every muscle group and increase cardiovascular efficiency.

TaeKwonDo is an unequaled method of unarmed self-defense. The techniques of TaeKwonDo have evolved for centuries. Modern science, exercise physiology, and recent developments in medicine have made it possible to modify ancient methods into modern techniques with unequaled safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Finally, TaeKwonDo is a method of instilling self-discipline, as summarized by General Choi, the modern day founder of TaeKwonDo.

Aaron Tuck began his training in martial arts in 1987. He studied American Karate for 5 years as a young child then at the end of this training found TaeKwonDo Plus. He began his training in TaeKwonDo under the instruction of now 7th Degree Black Belt, Senior Master Richard Johnson and continues to train under his guidance. He has been a member of TRMAI since 1993. Mr. Tuck began instructing in 1996 as a Trainee Instructor and became an International TRMAI Instructor in 1998. After many years of personal training, instructing others, and 5 years of managing and operating one of Sr. Master Johnson’s TaeKwonDo Academies in the Austin area, he relocated to Colorado to start a series of his own Academies. We live to share our experiences with others. So please stop by one of our Academies and join our Tiger Rock Family. Thank you for choosing Tiger Rock.

Instructor Lineage

Mr. Aaron Tuck - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Senior Master Richard Johnson - Austin, Texas Visit Website
Grand Master Don Anderson - Pace, Florida Visit Website
Senior Grand Master Bert Kollars - Sioux City, Iowa Visit Website